Fibre-Fixed. Composites in Design

The exhibition at Design Museum Gent shows how combining (bio)plastic with fibres yields materials we have never seen before

Raw-Edges Design Studio, Fine Cut (2018) for Really/Kvadrat. Photography by Casper Sejersen
From October 26, 2018 until April 21, 2019
The ever-growing mountain of waste, polluting commercial vehicles, the ageing population: we have more than enough problems to tackle in the years ahead. However, one solution has appeared from an unexpected source: new materials.
The exhibition Fibre-Fixed. Composites in Design will run from 26 October 2018 until 21 April 2019 at Design Museum Gent. This exhibition shows how combining (bio)plastic with fibres yields materials we have never seen before. Synthetic materials like epoxy, polyester or polypropylene are reinforced with carbon, glass, flex, hemp or wood fibres: a marriage between composites that combines the strength and rigidity of fibres with the lightness of plastics. Carbon fibres are, for example, just as rigid as steel, but weigh five times less. And that inspires designers.
The exhibition Fibre-Fixed. Composites in Design features an even more extensive selection of design projects that make use of composite materials. From a unique model of the Solar Impulse, the first aircraft to fly around the world fuelled by solar energy, to featherlight lower leg prostheses and ‘Vegan Design’: curators Ignaas Verpoest (KU Leuven) and Lut Pil (LUCA School of Arts) are exhibiting the developments of the past five years and presenting the breakthroughs expected for the coming years.
Fibre-Fixed. Composites in Design is a co-creation project by the curators in collaboration with Dutch design collective envisions that in many ways resembles the interplay between various materials to yield a composite material. The image of composites comprises a suitable metaphor for the collaboration between the various parties. The exhibition presents the outcome of an intensive dialogue between a materials expert, an art and design historian, a designer collective and the museum.
Fibre-Fixed. Composites in Design 
26.10.2018 – 21.04.2019 
Design Museum Gent
Kristel Peters, Fungal Footwear (2018). Photography by Kristel Peters
Fransje Gimbrère, Standing Textiles (2017). Photography by Fransje Gimbrère
Erez Nevi Pana, Salts – Vegan Design (2017). Photography by Claudia Rothkegel. Desert stool, outcome of 1 month dipping
Form Us With Love & Ikea, Odger Chair (2016). Photography by Jonas Lindström