Foam Talent | Frankfurt

Presenting a new generation of young photographers 

Black Boys I Knew Who Could Self Reflect
From September 6, 2019 until November 1, 2019
Foam and the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation present the exhibition Foam Talent 2019, with works from a new generation of visual artists. The work of these 20 outstanding young artists selected through the annual Foam Talent Call are featured in Foam Magazine #52, the Talent Issue. After being presented in Amsterdam, New York, and London, the Foam Talent exhibition will be on show in The Cube, Eschborn/Frankfurt, the headquarters of Deutsche Börse .
This imaginative installation presents a forward-thinking showcase of photography and reflects on the full spectrum of creative approaches that mark today’s developments in the photographic medium.
The exhibition will be opened on 5 September 2019.Together, the 20 emerging artists featured in the exhibition are exceptionally placed to share their insight into the state of contemporary photography. They cross the borders of the medium with remarkable ease, focusing on the cycle of time, on socio-political factors and on our everyday life.
6 September – 1 November 2019
The Cube, Deutsche Börse AG, Mergenthalerallee 61 Eschborn
Columbine High School Massacre, 1999
Water Composition 5, Studies in Geology, Stelios Kallinikou
From the Series Flowers for Donald, Gregory Eddi Jones
Quantified Landscape, Florian Amoser