Folkert de Jong. Amabilis insania. The pleasing delusion

Folkert de Jong, Old Sport, 2013 (model for bronze) - Copyright and photograph by Studio Folkert de Jong, Courtesy Galerie Andre Simoens Knokke, Galerie Fons Welters Amsterdam, James Cohan Gallery New York, Studio Folkert de Jong.

Exhibition, Middelheim Museum Antwerp, Belgium, until 06 April 2014.
Folkert de Jongbecame famous in the last decade for the masterful sculptures that can be found in exclusive collections around the world, while he’s still relatively unknown. His world is peopled with circus artists, soldiers, art collectors, Indian gods, mountain climbers, little dancers, apes, heads of state, sunbathing girls, happy-go-luckies, and skeletons. The figurative installations he has devised are anchored in the (often mysterious) history or meaning of a location, combining an ironic reference to the Old Masters with a large dose of the present. These fiercely beautiful figures have ambiguous relationships with each other and with their environment. The dark side of human nature is the artist’s driving force.