Francesca Torzo at Maniera Gallery

Capretta Cavalluccio
From September 20, 2020 until September 21, 2020
For some time, Francesca Torzo has been studying and analysing the visual languages of architecture, with a particular focus on experimenting with the potential of materials. Yet, it is only the first time that Torzo is approaching furniture. At the invitation of MANIERA, she conceived and developed a furniture collection in which she continued this process of experimentation and projected the materials into a poetic, emotional dimension.
The collection consists of 10 pieces: 6 pieces of furniture (a sofa, an armchair, a chair, a table, a foldable low lounge chair and a cloth hanger), two kitchen objects (a bottle opener and a mortar) and two textile objects (a kimono and a plaid). All these objects share a certain form of grace, elegance and sensuality. The seductive interplay of lines and the use of materials such as walnut, textile, steel, brass, leather, basalt, reed and silk velvet results in objects that are as simple as they are complex, as timeless as they are stylish.
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Capretta Detail
Dondolo Detail
Dondolo Top View
Larga Detail
Larga Front View
Larga Side View
Larga Top View
Ottomano Knokke
Ottomano Sample Knokke
Paolo Detail
Paolo Detail
Paolo Folded
Paolo Folded
Paolo Front View
Paolo Side View