Francesca Woodman
 - On Being an Angel

Exhibition, Foam, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

From December 18, 2015 until March 9, 2016
Woodman used photography as an extremely personal means of expression, as if wearing her skin inside out, making herself the only subject of her work. Before committing suicide at the age of 22, Woodman explored themes such as gender, representation, sexuality, and corporality. Her oeuvre consists of a large number of self-portraits. A striking aspect of the work is that she’s either explicitly naked or she attempts to hide her body: squeezed into a cupboard, behind wallpaper, wrapped in plastic or material or in a shroud of movement. She photographs herself in interiors punctuated by evidence of decay. The photographs showcase a range of symbolist and surrealist influences, and in many cases they evoke oppressive feelings.