Fred Biesmans

Exhibition, MAC’s Hornu, Belgium, until 4 October

From June 21, 2015 until October 4, 2015
Fred Biesmans makes ‘instantaneous ceramics’ from crystal clear visions, inviting one to journey into the world of miniatures that appear to come straight out of science fiction, with their futuristic designs. Initially a stonemason working in monument restoration, he very soon turned to sculpture. In the beginning he worked with different materials (clay, terracotta, plaster, composites, and wood), making sculptures bearing the generic name Choobas, which are, in aesthetic terms, a mixture of organics and mechanics, aerodynamic shapes reminiscent of designer shapes. Then, circa 2000, he began to design small terracotta scenes like those in the exhibition. With this series entitled Choobaland, he focuses on the infinitesimally small.