Frederik Vercruysse, Windows

Spazio Nobile Gallery

Frederik Vercruysse Mountain View in Progress © Spazio Nobile
From September 9, 2021 until November 14, 2021
Opening during Brussels Gallery Weekend, Spazio Nobile in Brussels presents the first solo show of Belgian artist Frederik Vercruysse with the gallery.
In this exhibition, titled Windows, Vercruysse explores the image as a window that opens onto the real and the imaginary. The figurative space takes new shapes in the defined frame, sometimes blurred by frosted glass or a projected shadow. At different levels, the object appears in a humanised landscape, but without a human presence. It is transformed by daylight, at dawn or dusk, creating visual impressions that emerge from a facade, a landscape, a bouquet of flowers…
Frederik Vercruysse invites the visitor to confront the analogue image pushed to the limit, pixelated, becoming truer to itself the closer one gets. Purposefully blurred and distorted in a decomposition that is recreated by our eye that tries to capture its presence, the composition of the image becomes impressionistic and is reborn as the pointillist work of a painter with small brushstrokes.
Windows thus conveys, in Vercruysse's unique language, a body of poetic images that respond to one another between non-pictorial pictures (Window Stills), and composed objects reflecting the 'mirror of the soul' (the Light Boxes and the Mirror Glass Boxes).
Frederik Vercruysse Fountain © Spazio Nobile
Frederik Vercruysse Interference © Spazio Nobile
Frederik Vercruysse Observation Tower © Spazio Nobile
Frederik Vercruysse Office with REd Lampshade © Spazio Nobile
Frederik Vercruysse Shop Window © Spazio Nobile
Frederik Vercruysse Street in the Mist © Spazio Nobile
Frederik Vercruysse Window with Shutters © Spazio Nobile