Gordon Matta-Clark: Cutting, Splitting, Writing, Building, Drawing, Eating...

Exhibition, Serralves Museum, Lisbon, Portugal.

From May 5, 2017 until September 3, 2017
Focusing on the gestural, formal, and social aspects of the conception of Gordon Ma a-Clark’s architecture, or, as he puts it "making space without building it", this exhibition presents photographs, drawings, and documents related to key projects, commercial films, and other works related to his pioneering oeuvre. Explored is the unique meaning behind Matta-Clark’s metaphorical voids, gaps, abandoned spaces, and places that were never built. The exhibition is structured around a series of constructive and destructive verbs that define the artist’s view of archite ure: cu ing, lit- ting, tilting, breaking, writing, building, drawing, and etcetera.