Grand Projects: How Far Will You Go?

Exhibition, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo, Japan.

From June 23, 2017 until October 1, 2017
Filled with the joy of making things, certain creators proceed on a journey toward a Grand Project. This exhibition showcases works by those who give shape to bold and innovative ideas that transcend existing modes of expression. The starting point is the artists themselves, who have conceived projects of incredible scale that transform bridges in cities, landscapes of 10 kilometers, and even the Houses of Parliament into artworks, ultimately realising what was initially thought to be impossible. Gathered here are works by creators from diverse fields who have carried out unique activities using dynamic techniques and methods.
The process of meticulous planning and giving shape to a project while receiving the cooperation and support of many people, together with the finished works that are displayed on a huge scale, evoke a feeling of awe among the visitors who are likely to wonder, "How far will you go?" The creators' attitudes make us feel their strong will, passion, endless series of trial-and-error, and determination to take action with conviction, to confront all sorts of hardships, such as technical challenges in natural environments, as well as financial challenges and changes in times and social circumstances. Their grand projects may also be said to be grand urban projects proposed by artistic creators. By temporarily or permanently changing the city and natural landscapes, their works permeate through our daily lives. By taking part in the project and being involved from the production process, cooperators from public institutions, corporation, and other interested persons, too, get to experience the fun of working together and the joys of creating things. This is another major characteristic of this exhibition.
The works they express encourage us to experience new things, and make us aware of enjoyment and sets of values we had never thought of previously. The exhibition conveys the extraordinary power that such creations have, and the joys that spread from there.