Heaven and Hell: From magic carpets to drones

Image from the series Exit of Shirin & Farhad #12, 2012, by Babak Kazemi; C-print on dibond, 100 x 70 cm; courtesy of Silk Road Gallery, Téhéran

Exhibition, Villa Empain, Brussels, Belgium, until 6 September
The magic carpet has long been a symbolic way of travelling around the world. In Persian mythology, King Solomon had a magic carpet. The Queen of Sheba, who was said to be a magician, allegedly offered him this fabulous gift. It is even said that the king could transport his whole palace on it… This exhibition broaches the theme of flying machines and flying carpets according to a variety of artistic interpretations: the symbolism of ancient carpets and their inspiration: the geometry of gardens, the ancestral dream of being able to fly, flying objects, the world seen from above, the occupation of space by satellites, the worldwide expansion of drones and their consequences.