HILO in Bangkok

HILO, bird view. Photo: Natthapong Sanguansri.

Exhibition Marre Moerel in We*Do Gallery
Now that anti-government mass demonstrations are taking over the streets of Bangkok, We*Do Gallery in the very same capital of Thailand proves to be a peaceful haven. Madrid based Dutch artists and designer Marre Moerel, who has worked for Cappellini (IT), Celda (ES), Covo (IT), Offecct (SE), Ozone (JP) and WilsonArt Int. (USA), shows brand new work she created especially for We*Do Gallery. The collection is called HILO and consists of a Limited Edition of 8 high-end conceptual vases. 
This project is all about experimentation for the artist, letting the material decide what happens and at the same time to free herself from the conceived ideas and designs. As in most of her work, Moerel has used low-end techniques to obtain high-end conceptual pieces, and with HILO, the artist  has pushed the boundaries of ceramics to it’s extreme limits.
“HILO – ‘thread’ in Spanish - is a fragile element which in itself doesn’t pertain significant character, but only once its has been processed through weaving and knotting does it obtain strength and volume. The resulting textile can be structural as well as purely decorative.” The same goes par excellence for vases. 
Marre Moerel. Photo: Francisco Polo.
"Food on the Table". Dinnerware by Marre Moerel, between design and art.
Hope and Promises of Grandeur Installation: field of 499 clogs cast in unfired ceramics; 64 clogs trampled by visitors over a period of 8 hours, path grown from 0 to 40cm. wide.
HILO. Photo : Natthapong Sanguansri.