Hiroshi Sugimoto: Still Life

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Pinon - Juniper Forest, 2012; gelatin silver print; edition 1 of 5.

Exhibition, PACE, London, UK, until 24 January.
Essential to Sugimoto’s work is the concept of mastery and using available media to create images that resonate long after they are viewed. His images are formally composed and rigorously printed, and evidence of the inevitable distortions that accompany the processes of seeing and interpretation. Capturing large-scale dioramas inside natural history museums, Sugimoto’s photographs initially seem to be documents of the natural world, featuring far-flung landscapes and wildlife. Sugimoto, however, dwells in the artifice of the images. Composed in crisp black and white, with sharp tones, the pristine quality and stillness of these large-scale pieces reveal the inherent artificiality of the constructed worlds contained within their frames.
© Hiroshi Sugimoto