Home Futures

An exhibition by the Design Museum in London in partnership with IKEA Museum Almhult

Ugo La Pietra’s Casa Telematica (1983), or the Telematic House, imagined ways in which media and telecommunication will change the homes of the future. This image from early 1980s calls to mind the omnipresence of screens in our contemporary lives. Courtesy of Archivio Ugo La Pietra, Milano. Ugo La Pietra, La Casa Telematica, 1983. Credit | Courtesy of Archivio Ugo La Pietra, Milano.
From November 7, 2018 until March 24, 2019
The exhibition Home Futures by the Design Museum in London in partnership with IKEA Museum Almhult, the exhibition explores the radical domestic visions of the 20th century and asks: what happened to the future?
The ‘home of the future’ has long intrigued designers and popular culture alike. Bringing together avant-garde speculations with contemporary objects and new commissions, Home Futures explores today’s home through the prism of yesterday’s imagination.
Through more than 150 objects and experiences, historical notions of the mechanised home and the compact home are displayed alongside contemporary phenomena such as connected devices and the sharing economy. Rare works on display include original furniture from the Smithsons’ House of the Future (1956), original footage from the General Motors Kitchen of tomorrow (1956), Home Environment by Ettore Sottsass (1972) and an original model of Total Furnishing Unit by Joe Colombo (1972), providing visitors with a thought-provoking view of yesterday’s tomorrow.
Reflecting one of the exhibition’s six themes, ‘living with others’, the exhibition will also feature ‘One Shared House 2030’, a project launched by New York-based Anton & Irene and the IKEA-funded ‘future living lab’, SPACE10. Designed as a collaborative research project, the aim is to get a better sense of what the ideal, hypothetical co-living space of 2030 would look like, as a first step in the design journey.
The exhibition is displayed within a specially commissioned immersive environment by New York-based architect SO-IL in collaboration with graphic design practice John Morgan Studio. The exhibition design features a translucent mesh which is used to create a series of dreamlike passages and rooms. The design evokes feelings of comfort and challenges the notions of privacy as the viewer explores the themes of the exhibition.
After being on display in London, the exhibition will travel to the IKEA Museum in Älmhult, Sweden in Spring 2019.
Home Futures Exhibition
The Design Museum 
7th of November 2018 – 29th November 2019
Superonda sofa – a sofa, a chaise-longue, and a sculptural piece in one piece of furniture. Credit | Courtesy archive Poltronova. Photo by Dario Bartolini.