Housing The Human

Radialsystem, Berlin

Picture from Cloud Housing by Lucia Tahan
From October 18, 2019 until October 19, 2019
Housing the Human marks the culmination of over a year of research with a festival showcasing five concepts for the future of living and social coexistence.
Together with renowned experts, the participating architects and designers present their final prototypes to the public in a two-day program as room-spanning installations, films, and performances
The prototypes range from Mae-ling Lokko’s Agrocologies, a circular kitchen system that upcycles food waste into building material, to Dasha Tsapenko’s Lovaratory, a domestic environment that accommodates romantic relationships between humans and other beings. Meanwhile, Lucia Tahan’s Cloud HousingSimone C Niquille’s HOMESCHOOL and Home Is Where the Droids Are by Certain Measures all look at the startling ways in which infotech could impact the future of living.
For the opening, architects Tatiana Bilbao and Rahul Mehrotra, architectural theorist Beatriz Colomina, art historian Margit Rosen, designer Daniel Perlin, and curator James Taylor-Foster will guide through the project spaces and initiate conversations between the creatives and the public.
As part of the festival, ARCH+ features will host a talk between writer and editor Anh-Linh Ngo and architecture curator James Taylor-Foster on practical futurology and transdisciplinary research.
On the festival’s second day, architectural theorist and curator Beatriz Colomina will discuss “The 24/7 Bed” in a talk on the role that the bed receives in the age of social media.
Following her lecture, she will invite architectural theorist Mark Wigley, the five prototype designers, and others to a “Bed-In” for a series of conversations in pajamas.
The public is also invited to the event After Money, a game night as public forum that asks how new networks of care and socia­bility can emerge in a world without money. The players—politicians and prominent decision-makers—barter in skills and influence in order to survive natural and man-made disasters. The role-playing game was designed by the Urban Works Agency of the California College of the Arts specifically for Housing the Human, and is presented in collaboration with Future Architecture Platform.
Housing the Human
Picture from Home is Where the Droids Are by Certain Measures (Tobias Nolte)
Picture from Lovaratory by Dasha Tsapenko
Regarding the Pain of SpotMini by Simone C Niquille