How will we live tomorrow?

Werner Aisslinger at work.

Werner Aisslinger's Home of the Future
The firm order of the nuclear family has been eroded. Patchwork families differ in their requirements from earlier partnerships. This has consequences for the way we live together. From this basic insight Werner Aisslinger‘s experiments pursue all manner of directions. The exhibition puts on display, among other things, modular construction kits. Werner Aisslinger transforms Haus am Waldsee into a “Home of the Future.” In doing so the multiple award-winning product designer and co-founder of the Berlin Design Festival DMY will present his central theme of material transfer in the form of numerous pieces of furniture and objects. What we encounter here are visions of future cultures. Aisslinger‘s very own design practice unfolds before our eyes. “Home of the Future” is Aisslinger‘s first institutional survey exhibition in Germany.
Haus am Waldsee, Argentinische Allee 30, Berlin, Germany