Hyderabad Design Week

Humanizing Design

VIA by : Béatrice de Fays (aka B2Fays) & Mathieu Constans
From October 9, 2019 until October 13, 2019
Hyderabad Design Week is a city-wide festival of design that brings together leading design practitioners to explore their role as problem-solvers and change-makers, present the best in human-centric design innovation, and tackle some of the greatest challenges facing the world today. With the theme of Humanizing Design, Hyderabad Design Week 2019 will be held in tandem with the 31st edition of the World Design Assembly - the first time this globally significant event will be held in India.
Through a curated program of Design Districts, visitors can explore and discover a new side of Hyderabad through design. An interactive map of these districts will be produced in partnership with IIT Hyderabad.
FLOCK: Crowdsourced Art Installations
St+art Foundation
Pochampally Ikat