Ileana Sonnabend Ambassador for the New MoMA

Andy Warhol, Ileana Sonnabend, 1973; acrylic and silkscreen on canvas, two panels: 40” x 80

New York,until 21 April 2014.
During a career spanning half a century, Ileana Sonnabend helped shape the course of post-war art in Europe and North America. A gallerist and noted collector, she discovered and championed many of the most significant artists of her time. In celebration, the show explores Sonnabend’s legendary eye through selected works of art presented in her eponymous galleries in Paris and New York. Renowned for her ambassadorial role in bringing new art across the Atlantic, she was instrumental in introducing American Pop art and Minimalism to Europe and Arte Povera to the United States. She also sought out and supported some of the most non-commercial and challenging Conceptual, New-media, and Performance-based art of the 1970s.