Image and Belief

9th International Biennial of Photography: The Last Supper (1998), photograph on aluminium, © Raoef Mamedov; courtesy of Gallery Lilja Zakirova, Heusden, Netherlands.

9th International Biennial of Photography, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Liège, Belgium, 15 March – 25 May.
The image is a source of promises. Even if it lies, the image attracts us in the way that light does, and it hypnotises us. If it tells the truth, it reveals more than reality and leads us to an awareness of a higher complexity beyond its frame. The most troubling part is that the image is lying to us and telling us the truth at the same time. It has the power both to enthral and to prove something, for better and for worse. Seeing and believing are the key words of this 9th International Biennial. Between these two words, between image and belief, there is an inextricable link that BIP2014 questions by presenting a selection of works that combine documentary visions, installations, and sculptural approaches. Throughout this eclectic selection, mystification and the sacred have their place, tied to each other many times over.