From October 23, 2020 until November 1, 2020
(Im)possible Bodies is a digital voyage of discovery into the world of cyborgs: fusions between humans and machines. Prosthetics, implants, smart devices from hearing aids to phones and watches, make us all cyborgs. COVID 19 forces us to settle for digital socializing in numerous ‘second-life’ environments, such as the (Im)possible Bodies Cantina. What does this new reality mean for humanity?

What kind of future lies ahead of us? (Im)possible Bodies invites to dive into their multidimensional experience and discover what being cyborg means for you. Over 30 artists, each in their own virtual space, examine the complexities of ‘becoming technology’. Visitors will follow three routes on their journey: 1. What are cyborgs? 2. We are already cyborgs and 3. What kind of cyborgs do we want to become?

(IM)POSSIBLE BODIES expo experience
Virtual enviroment
Virtual environment