In reverse.

Pressed Flower Red, by Ron Arad.

Design Museum Holon, Israel
Artist, designer and architect Ron Arad returns to Design Museum Holon with In Reverse, three years after the opening of the iconic building which he designed himself. In Reverse focuses on three decades of Ron Arad’s work in metal, his favorite material, culminating in a major new project exploring, through physical experiments and digital simulations, the way in which automobile bodies, specifically the Fiat 500, behave under compression. Here: Design Museum Holon, Pinhas Eilon St. 8, Holon, Israel.
Ron Arad: "In Reverse is an exhibition about the shift from the physical to the digital – except in reverse. Rather than manipulate materials to render them functional or render digital models towards a functional object, here I ‘reverse’ perfectly functional objects and render them useless".
Roddy Giacosa (back), by Ron Arad.
Roddy Giacosa (back detail), by Ron Arad.
Pressed Flower White, by Ron Arad.
Roddy Giacosa (side view), by Ron Arad.
Pressed Flower Rust, by Ron Arad.