Individual Stories: Collecting as Portrait and Methodology

Woman lying down and sharks' teeth, from Collection préhistorique, 2009, by Camille Henrot; C-type print, 40 × 30 cm; © Camille Henrot, ADAGP, and galerie kamel mennour, Paris
Until October 11, 2015

Exhibition, Kunsthalle Wien, Museums Quartier, Vienna, Austria, until 11 October
Photographs, books, and knick-knacks: artists collect a variety of objects. Their interest may lie in the formal, the aesthetic, or the conceptual. While they generate personal collections regardless of their artistic practice, they also create collections based on artistic methods. The collection may itself reach the status of a work of art. Individual Stories considers the collection a portrait of its collector and also an artistic method, an expression of curiosity, transforming discovery, or a systematic approach to certain worlds of objects. The result is a compilation of individual collections that could not be more different.