Inside Giacometti's studio

A new permanent space in Paris includes a space for exhibitions, and a reconstruction of Alberto Giacometti's studio.

June 29, 2018
The Giacometti Foundation in Paris has opened a new permanent space to the public, which includes a space for exhibitions and a reconstruction of Alberto Giacometti's studio.
On view permanently inside the institute, the replication features elements conserved by Giacometti's widow, Annette. Among them are fragile artworks in plaster and clay (some of which have never been shown to the public), his furniture, and the renowned mural paintings.
The architectural layout comprises tiered seating and windows, allowing the public to get in close proximity of the works. Walls are covered with drawings and notes integral to the artist's creative process.
The process of reconstruction has been meticulous and somewhat painstaking for those involved – as in order to be faithful to the original site and as accurate as possible, every stage had to be verified. Multiple restorations also had to be carried out on many of the 70 works on display, while lighting and scenography needed to be angled perfectly to match the feel of the existing studio.
'The Giacometti studio gradually became not only the world of the artist’s work, but a veritable extension of himself,' commented the Giacometti Foundation. 'Giacometti has regularly cited the essential nature of his studio, a legendary place that has remained within the collective memory as the symbol of the artistic life of the Montparnasse neighbourhood.'
'Inseparable from the artist’s legend, the studio is necessary for an understanding of his work. The reconstruction of this site immortalised by the great photographers such as Robert Doisneau, Sabine Weiss, Gordon Parks, or Ernst Scheidegger, was made possible through extensive conservation and restoration campaigns undertaken by the Giacometti Foundation.'
The new foundation opened its doors to visitors at the end of June.