Jean Painlevé

Exhibition, Ikon gallery, Birmingham, UK.

From March 15, 2017 until June 4, 2017
The gallery is presenting the first solo exhibition of the french filmmaker and photographer Jean Painlevé (1902 – 1989) in the UK.
The exhibitions shows number of seminal films alongside a selection of photographs and jewellery, exemplifying Painlevé’s passion for making science accessible.
Jean Painlevé studied Biology at the Sorbonne University and started to socialise and associate with the Surrealists in his early twenties, and produced large scale photographs and short films of his lifelong models and muses: the octopus, sea urchins, crabs, shrimps or lobsters from the seaside nearby.
The exhibition presents a selection of prints of these iconic ‘portraits’ including Lobster Claw, Rostrum on the Nose of a Shrimp and Shrimp Tail.