JEWELRY 1970–2015 Bollmann Collection, Fritz Maierhofer

WOLFGANG LIEGLEIN, BROOCH MANGO 2010-2015 Fabric, foam, wood, glass beads Bollmann collection.

Retrospective exhibition, MAK,Vienna, Austria, until 29 March.
The MAK presents an extensive array of jewellery, lending an overview of the formal aesthetic and material-specific wealth of international contemporary jewellery design. The pieces collected by Austrian couple Heidi and Karl Bollmann comprise of a selection of over 1,000 objects, the works of 206 artists from the US, Mexico, Israel, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Korea, Vietnam, China, and nearly all European countries, a total of 454 pieces. The second part of this exhibition contains the complete works of Fritz Maierhofer, currently one of the most important international jewellery artists. His jewellery and sculptures from the 1960s to today are on display, all together some 165 objects that are characterised by unusual combinations of materials and an avant-garde concept.