Katharina Grosse at Gagosian London

Grosse brings her large-scale works to London's Gagosian gallery

From May 16, 2018 until July 27, 2018
Known for her large-scale in-situ paintings, Grosse approaches her practice as an "experience in immersive subjectivity". She uses a spray gun, distancing the artistic act from the hand, and stylizing gesture as a propulsive mark.
For her Prototypes of Imagination exhibition, taking place at the Gagosian Britannia Street gallery in London, Grosse reveals the ways in which painting catalyzes the unfolding of multiple dimensions on a single surface. Working on huge expanses of flat cloth enables Grosse to execute very large-scale works in the studio in response to specific architectural conditions beyond it.
"There is no boundary between reality and imagination. To imagine is to realize. My pictures are prototypes of this recognition; they try out—and dramatically compress—the characteristics of reality. I build prototypes of the imagination so that they can be reenacted and applied to other fields of endeavour," she said.