Kleureyck, Van Eyck’s Colours in Design

At Design Museum Gent

Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters, RembrandtLAB - Constructing Colours
From March 13, 2020 until September 6, 2020
A prestigious exhibition by Siegrid Demyttenaere will open at Design Museum Gent about the innovative and diverse use of colour. The museum starts from van Eyck’s brilliancy of colour to show how contemporary designers use colour. Expect an extraordinary experience with a pigment walk and experience rooms that will stimulate all your senses. An exhibition linking the past with the present in the framework of the OMG! Van Eyck was here theme year.
The starting premise of Kleureyck. Van Eyck’s colours in design is the Flemish Master Jan van Eyck’s skilful use of colour, which was revealed in all its superb glory after the restoration of The Ghent Altarpiece. Van Eyck used oils and transparent, coloured glazes to achieve an innovative variety of colour nuances, clarity and saturation in his paintings. Curator Siegrid Demyttenaere started from this idea for her selection of Flemish designers and international names who have an affinity with colour.
The three-part exhibition features a pigment walk (co-curated with Sofie Lachaert), research projects and experience rooms. Bram Vanderbeke has created a modular poplar chipboard design for the exhibition. After Ghent, the exhibition will travel to lille3000’s Le Tripostal, where it will be the closing event of Lille World Design Capital 2020. The exhibition will run from 9.10.2020 to 3.01.2021 in Lille.
Andrés, Reisinger, Hortensia Chair
Lynne Brouwer, Designs for Discomfort
Tinus Vermeersch, Untitled
Daan Veerman, DIGITAL CRAFT tapestry (red, orange)