Exhibition, Skulpturenpark Köln, Cologne, Germany.

From October 15, 2017 until June 1, 2019
The KÖLNSKULPTUR #9 biennial event emphasises this 20-year-old park’s commitment to sculpture, as it continues to rethink the open-air art space.
This 9th edition of KölnSkulptur is a special one since the park commemorates its 20th birthday. All the works presented by the eight artists invited for the 9th edition are newly commissioned. Following the opening, a catalogue will be published.
The Skulpturenpark Köln is not monumental in scale, and yet it is of enormous importance. Over the last two decades, the park has been the place, the site, and the home of sculptures created for it, for you. The title of this year’s edition of KölnSkulptur—La Fin de Babylone—relates to the dream of a new beginning for culture, and therefore for society. There is no such a thing, and yet there is. On the one hand, we have the life we have, our circumstances are hard to change, our possibilities hard to manifest. And there are times when we believe the past was a better place, and others when we see the time we live in as full of possibility, openness. What determines the difference between these two perceptions is the way we feel our relative importance. Oh! you may say it is economy, but even if the economy thrives, there is no guarantee that it provides a social environment in which we feel relevant to others, influential to our community, able to celebrate and partake in the current course of events... Here, I propose a total exaggeration: to imagine that the production of these eight, new site-specific works joining the already existing ones in the parcours is key to the beginning of a new world. What I ask of you is not only to walk through the park and discover the different works but to also see their existence as the wonder that may affect the world order. This is out of proportion, because so is art.