Korean Contemporary Design. Kang Myungsun, Bae Sehwa, Bahk Jong-Sun, and Lee Hun Chung.

Bae Se Hwa, Steam 11, 2010, Walnut, Edition 5/6, 2.

exhibition, Edward Tyler Nahem gallery, New York, until 04 April.
Exhibited here are cutting edge furniture and objects from four top Korean contemporary designers. Each draws immense inspiration from nature, as well as embracing their cultural tradition, as seen in the forms and textures of their works. Kang Myungsun harmoniously combines age‐old techniques and unique materials to create practical objects that address modern concerns. Bae Sehwa’s use of wood relates directly to the influence of nature in his work. Bahk Jong‐Sun wooden creations often resemble whimsical structures or otherworldly creatures that emanate light from their spider‐like frames. Devoted to Korean ceramic design techniques, Lee Hun Chung strives to find a balance of tradition and modernity in his works.