Lionel Jadot – Enthrone Dethrone

From June 20, 2020 until August 16, 2020
Everyday Gallery in Antwerp presents the first gallery exhibition of the Belgian creative Lionel Jadot (1969). 

Under the title Game of Thrones, Jadot will present a series of unique sculptures: seating elements or 'thrones' made up of elements that Jadot collected over the years: readymades, found or recycled objects, elements with a story. For Jadot, working equals playing, recycling, assembling, with a wink towards other cultures, the local context, and the past. In doing so, he’s breaking codes, mixing genres, combining materials and colours.

Omnivorous in approach, Jadot is interior architect, artist, designer, film-maker, adventurer. Craftsmanship is deeply rooted into his DNA. Being a descendant of a family of furniture makers and having a workshop as his playground, Lionel Jadot mastered the art of making furniture at a very young age.

Based in Antwerp in the new architectural district of the south and founded in 2019, Everyday Gallery describes itself as a time capsule for future artistic references. With a mindset between the artist-run space and a commercial gallery, the gallery displays trans-disciplinary artists who dive deep into the radical world of fine and functional arts. With the world of art and design brutally colliding, the emphasis is put on the plasticity of the workflow. Shapes are shifting and lines entangled, giving a new territory for us to explore.