Liu Bolin: Revealing Disappearance

Exhibition, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris, France.

Still from The Winter Solstice by Liu Bolin. Courtesy of Galerie Paris Beijing.
From September 7, 2017 until October 28, 2017
Liu Bolin has engaged with environmental issues since the beginning of his career, with ecology a central topic of his artistic production. The exhibition will show photographs linked to his most recent intervention in France as well as his prior performances in China and India, where rapid industrialisation and population growth have adversely affected urban climates, particularly air quality.
Titled Revealing Disappearance, his installation plays with the concept of individuality and the notion of cause and effect. The works represent a reflection on the deleterious consequences of human actions on our habitat. We are now far from the Taoist principles at the core of Chinese tradition that teach a sustainable and harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Bolin believes:
“Man develops while destroying his own environment and exploiting himself. The price he has to pay for the splendid civilisation is the loss of awareness of his membership in the animal kingdom. Indulging in the development he has achieved, man is in fact digging is own grave with his greed. People require too much from the nature and environment. We will soon realise how tiny we are. Our desire dominates our behaviour. We’ll face a lot of problems in future."
The 28-minute video Winter Solstice (2016) will be presented to the public for the first time in Paris, as well as a site-specific installation from the VISA Portrait series. Made of dozens of car air filters, the chromatic differences of its components immediately draws the viewer’s attention. A second reading will reveal an unknown face. The installation plays with the concept of individuality and the notion of cause and effect.