Living Glass

Living Glass: Science Vase 2, 2009, by Jaime Hayon; blown glass; image © Marie Humair – Atelier de numérisation de la Ville de Lausanne

Exhibition, MUDAC Lausanne, Switzerland, until 16 November.
Mudac's latest contemporary glass art exhibition, Living Glass, presents a broad selection of works and installations by today's glass creators of various different nationalities – Swiss, European, American, and Asian. Bearing witness to the very idea of glass art, the pieces on show range from sculpture to edition design, each translating the museum-conservation team's open and on-going approach, assisted and supported by the patron of the collection.
Alexis Georgacopoulos, Stando, blown glass, 2008 Image © Olivier Laffely – atelier de numérisation de la Ville de Lausanne.
Bethan Laura Wood, Totem 5, blown glass, 2011 Glassblower: Pietro Viero Image © Marie Humair – atelier de numérisation de la Ville de Lausanne
Matali Crasset, Souche moyenne, blown and enamelled glass, burned out stump, 2012 Glassblower: Vincent Breed Image © Marie Humair and Olivier Laffely – atelier de numération de la Ville de Lausanne.