MACBA collection 2013

MACBA: Xavier Ribas, from the Domingos series, 1994-1997, chromogenic photoraph 120cm x 140cm, Edition 5/6, MACBA Collection, MACBA Consortium
Until February 1, 2014

exhibition in MACBA, Barcelona, Spain.
The presentation of the Collection arises from an innovative concept that sees a new relationship between three major institutions in Barcelona - MACBA, Fundació La Caixa, and Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, with one combined exhibition representing the three venues, allowing for an expanded reading of the recent past and creating favourable conditions for understanding the present. Explored are the tensions that have determined modernity and the avant-garde within a specific cultural context. Barcelona, and by extension its geographical and cultural domain, has established a discourse that balances modernity as a force of gradual change and the avant-garde as a radical means of innovation.