Made In: Crafts – Design Narratives

Until September 20, 2020
At the Museum of Architecture and Design, LjubljanaMADE IN: CRAFTS — DESIGN NARRATIVES explores the relationship between traditional cultures of making and contemporary design production. Through objects taken from the archives, photographic materials and newly created projects, the exhibition addresses a number of current issues today, like locally sourced materials, encouraging local production, the potential of new technologies in heritage conservation, and the development of new models of collaboration.
The exhibition is a result of two-year activities conducted by six partnering organizations: Museum of Arts and Crafts, OAZA (Croatia); Museum of Architecture and Design (Slovenia); Werkraum Bregenzerwald (Austria); Nova Iskra, Mikser (Serbia), within a larger MADE IN Platform initiative. The exhibition, originally scheduled to open on 17 February 2020 at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb, is open at the Museum of Architecture and Design and run from 16 May to 20 September, 2020. The exhibition will continue to tour in 2020, to Andelsbuch, with an eye to showing in other European cities in 2021.