Design Fair, Parc des expositions, Paris, France.

From September 8, 2017 until September 12, 2017

A fair displaying evolving consumer trends, inspiring experiences, and brand offers in three major sections, including two new spaces dedicated to textiles.

At this year's Maison&Objet, François Bernard takes over the inspiration space, themed Comfort Zone. He explains:
"Comfort is reaching outside the home into the public sphere: train stations, waiting rooms, cinemas, offices, etc. The products presented at the fair make it possible to live and work both together as a team and entirely on your own. Wall-mounted capsules, movable partitions, wall coverings made from insulating fibres, ergonomic elements that shift our perception of comfort. People work standing up, now, too. And when they do need to sit, they do so on isokinetic ball chairs, Pilates balls, wobble stools. Paradoxically, lack of comfort is our new idea of comfort!"
This theme is the product of year-round collective research by the members of theMaison&Objet Observatory. A selection of objects by exhibiting brands, and the Bookshop-Café with a variety of sources, will bring the theme to life. In addition, the Inspirations Book will shed light on the theme from various forward-looking perspectives, while the Conference Space will provide an opportunity to further explore the notion of comfort with a five-day programme of debates on current related trends.
Marie-Jo Malait, coordinator for the Maison&Objet Observatory and editor-in-chief of the Inspirations Book, explains the theme:
"Join us on this journey away from the discomfort zones of an unstable and insecure world. It is about time we shifted to a new paradigm of well-being at home. So, do we achieve that? By soothing both body and soul. To satisfy our yearning for rest and quiet, shapes become rounder, more enveloping. They wrap us up in a protective and comforting cocoon. Funny-looking cushions on legs replace chairs and provide the perfect place to sit and relax. Soft materials are everywhere and contribute to our well-being. References to bubbles, balloons, nests, clouds, even pods and husks, feed the creative imagination behind this new-generation cocoonection. Greyish pastels and faded pinks wash tensions away. The new vision of home chic highlights the refined aesthetic of our interiors. Greenhouse homes and passive houses are just waiting to be filled with a glorious Eden, while workplace architects and designers are also attempting to bring serenity into our daily professional lives. Innovative technology is being used to foster well-being. Both warm and casual, contemporary comfort meets comforting design. 100% feel good lifestyle."
François Bernard