MAK Design Salon #4 DUNNE & RABY The School of Constructed Realities

MAK DESIGN SALON #04: Untitled, Fictions series, 2007, by Filip Dujardin; photo © Filip Dujardin

Exhibition, MAK Branch, Geymüllerschlössel, Vienna, Austria, until 04 October
At SALON #04, fiction and reality are the focus. With their contribution The School of Constructed Realities, London-based designer duo Dunne & Raby explore the potential of speculative design in view of the challenges and forecasts brought by the 21st century. Works by the studio serve as case studies for a fictitious school of design inaugurated at the Geymüllerschlössel, a platform to weave different ideas and experiments together, aimed at how yet-to-exist worlds can be presented through design. Visitors are encouraged to think about the role of design education in relation to how different futures are imagined and shaped.