Marc Quinn, The Sleep of Reason

Marc Quinn Map of Where you can't see the Stars. Atlantic. August 25 2013. Oil on canvas Diameter: 200 cm Photo: Jack Hems Courtesy of White Cube

Exhibition in ARTER gallery, Istanbul, 8 Febr - 27 April.
‘The Sleep of Reason brings together more than 30 works British artist Marc Quinn has produced since 2000. Presenting the wide range of media and materials used by Quinn, the exhibition features a number of his seminal works along with some of his most recent paintings and sculptures, which will be shown for the first time at ARTER in Istanbul. ‘The Sleep of Reason’ revolves around history, time and space, body and identity related themes, which the artist has been exploring since the 1990s and proposes an investigation into the relationship between nature and culture as well the interaction between art and technology through dependency.