Markus Schinwald

Markus Schinwald: Lavina, 2007; oil on canvas, 29cm x 37cm, courtesy of the artist

Exhibition in CAPC musée d´art contemporain, Bourdeaux, France.
The CAPC's nave is plunged into darkness. A gigantic brass tubular structure straddles the space. Painted skies and retouched portraits hanging on wires are launched into the void. The walls are covered with Brinjal. Tumblers play chess and puppets bang the metal tips of their shoes on the floor. A spiral Eiffel stairway links the floor and ceiling. Large hangings hide the architecture; a double mirror projection of the film Orient spins in a loop and looks at itself from a huge triangular bench that cuts the nave in four. A false ceiling with holes in it lets through a purplish glow, while a figure on a suspended diving board vibrates with the variations of light...