Material Temptations

From January 18, 2019 until February 16, 2019
The inaugural show of the new design platform and gallery SECOND NATURE in Zürich brings together works by Dimitri Bähler, Phan Thao Dang, Martijn Rigters and Tino Seubert who explore the potential of manufactured ready-made materials to bring their creative concepts to fruition.
Draped Styrofoam and a fastened cable are presented alongside a flexible strip of light, cut and sprayed pipes, a bucket with lumbar support, a woven seat and an aluminum block on wheels. In this gathering of objects, the hand-made sits alongside pre-fabricated and off-the-shelf components and materials.
These experimental design approaches are defined by a DIY and maker attitude, one that turns curiosity for the inherent quality of the readily available as inspiration for objects of daily use. Hacking, adapting, re-purposing materials and semi-finished components allows them to make creative ideas viable and take matters into their own hand. In doing so, they examine how the world around us is made, framing the seemingly anonymous into forms of human scale.
Neumarkt 20, Zürich