Mathieu Lehanneur: 50 seas

Exhibition, Christie’s, Paris, France.

From January 18, 2018 until February 2, 2018
French designer Mathieu Lehanneur presents 50 Seas exhibition at the prestigious auction house Christie’s, in France. Featuring fifty ceramic works inspired by the many shades of the sea, the collection is the continuation of his Liquid Marble and Ocean Memories series.
"Although most of the earth’s surface is covered with water, often we only see a simplified and reduced impression of it. The infinite colour variations of the water reveal our planet’s true complexity. We have to accustom our eyes and our mind with the subtle disparities of things. Eskimos have 50 words to define the snow, I selected 50 shades to define the sea. The whole is the sum of the singularities. This is true of both humans and the seas." said Mathieu Lehanneur.
The designer worked in product designs for Christofle, Cartier, and a host other luxury brands, interiors for the recently opened Maison Kitsuné’s flagship store in New York, and so on.