Umění nezměřitelných vědeckých možností I (The Art of Unmeasurable Scientific Questions I), 2011, by Pavla Sceranková; courtesy of the artist and Drdova Gallery, Prague.

Exhitibion, Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech Republic, until 3 May.

The exhibition presents a selection of contemporary authors who in their work explore the phenomenon of models and modelling – either through constructing 3D models, or using models to create paintings, photographs, or videos. How do we understand and define the model in relation to the image, object, or sculpture? The complex and multifaceted relationship between the model and some form of tangible or imagined reality is highlighted, thus opening a space for reflection on the way in which artistic intervention manages to establish the effect of the real, while often simultaneously subverting it. Also presented are the diverse roles and uses models in artistic practice can assume: memory tool, cognitive instrument, self-sustained artistic object, instrument of social argumentation and discourse, or just a toy.