Modern Nomads

Capsulo, a cabinet inspired by religious relics and buildings

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair's Greenhouse

Once again, the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair's Greenhouse is where you can find the work of young designers and various institutions incubating in a showcase of 36 individual designers and 38 design colleges from sixteen countries. With its emphasis on Scandinavian exhibitors one of the featured projects is by the University of Gävle, which presents the results of a ten-day workshop that saw six groups of students create a full-scale object to respond to the theme 'Modern Nomads - an object to live and move with.' From a desk to a lamp and stool, the suitably streamlined experiments in design and wood technology were also defined by the specific properties of the materials provided: birch and cork. The movie here features Turvalo, a versatile light source inspired by the trusty wandering staff. You can see all six projects on YouTube


Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2013, Stockholmsmässan