Mutations-Créations / Imprimer Le Monde

Exhibition, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

From March 15, 2017 until June 19, 2017
Digital technologies have revolutionised design and production, transforming the practice of architects, designers, and artists. What is the status of the author-creator in the age of non-standard production and its unique but industrially manufactured objects? What is the status of the 3D-printed object, the everyday object, technological product, work of art, designer item, and architectural prototype? How come the digital age has seen it spread to every field of production?
Described as a disruptive technology, 3D printing has become widely diffused over the last decade and a half, thanks open-source-sostware-based platforms, adopted throughout industry from aeronautics to biotechnology. The installations created for the exhibition effect the simulation of sound space in 3D.