N°5 Culture Chanel

Gabrielle ´Coco' Chanel on a mural by David Flores.

exhibit in Palais de Tokyo
The history of CHANEL N°5 began at the very moment when Gabrielle Chanel learned of the death of her love Boy Capel, in December 1919. By sublimating bereavement in creation, Chanel indulged in an eternal perfume.
The works of art, photographs, archives, books and objects featured in the exhibition expose the multiple inspirations that fuelled the universe and imagination of Coco Chanel: whether it be her favorite places or creations of her artist, poet and musician friends such as Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Guillaume Apollinaire, Igor Stravinsky, Francis Picabia and Pierre Reverdy.
Built on a subtle interchange of correspondence, this exhibition showcases the connections N° 5 has to avant-garde movements.
Palais de Tokyo, 13 Avenue du Président Wilson, Paris.