New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Craft and Art in Latin America

Stray Bullet Chair, 2011, Design da Gema, Brazil; polypropylene monobloc chair, stainless steel eyelets; courtesy of the artist

Exhibition, MAD, New York, USA, until 5 April.
The term ‘new territories’ was used by Italian architect and designer Gaetano Pesce in reference to the state of making in today’s globalised society, a phenomenon that has helped to spur a confluence of art, design, and craft. The exhibition examines this trend in several distinct cities throughout Latin America, where some of the most pertinent new directions in design and the arts is emerging today. Explored are collaborations between small manufacturing operations and craftspeople, artists, and designers, thereby demonstrating how the work that results addresses not only the issues of commodification and production, but also urbanisation, displacement, and sustainability.
Alamar, from the series Architecture of Necessity, 2005 Image dimensions: 1559px  x  2077px Ernesto Oroza. Chromogenic Photographic C Print. Courtesy of the artist. Cuba
Project Quieto Pelo, 2009, Liliana Angulo Cortés; six photographs, video, sound, interviews; courtesy of the artist
Erick, Nazareno, from the series Priti Baiks, 2010 Image dimensions: 6000px  x  6062px José Castrellón. 6x6 camera, ink jet print. Courtesy of the artist. Panama. Photo: José Castrellón
PET Lamp, 2012 Image dimensions: 3744px  x  2907px. Alvaro Catalán de Ocón. PET bottles, Paja Tetera. Courtesy of Studio Alvaro Catalán de Ocón