Ode to Osaka

Concept for the Nordic Pavilion for the World Expo in Osaka, designed by Sverre Fehn, 1970; photo by Sverre Fehn

Exhibition, Nasjonalmuseet – Arkitektur The Fehn Pavilion and The Vault, Oslo, Norway, until 13 September
In 1970, Sverre Fehn took part in a competition to design the Nordic Pavilion for the World Expo in Osaka, Japan, which he did not win. Fehn’s proposal has now been recreated here, inside the exhibition pavilion that was also designed by Fehn. His concept for the breathing pavilion in Japan consists of two inflatable forms in which fresh air stands in contrast to Osaka's heavily polluted outside air. Seventy-seven countries contributed to the exhibition, the main theme of which was Progress and Harmony for Mankind. In The Vault at the museum, Fehn's project is juxtaposed with the futuristic visions and architectural experiments that were actually built for Expo '70 in Osaka, and for which the event is remembered.