On Kawara: Silence

On Kawara: I Read, 1966-95; clothbound looseleaf binders with plastic sleeves and inserted printed matter, 18 volumes; collection of the artist.

Exhibtion, Guggenheim, New York, USA, 6 February – 3 May.
This large exhibition transforms the Frank Lloyd Wright rotunda – itself a form that signifies movement through time and space – into a site within which audiences can reflect on an artistic practice of cumulative power and depth. Through radically restricted means, On Kawara’s work engages the personal and historical consciousness of place and time. His practice is often associated with the rise of conceptual art, yet in its complex wit and philosophical reach, it stands well apart. Included is every category of work, much of it produced during the artist’s travels across the globe, as well as numerous drawings of fascinating proposals for unrealised works, and his only two extant paintings.