Open Call for Proposals

Storefront is calling you.

On Nothingness, on Somethingness
On May 4th Storefront for Art and Architecture NY will present a daylong series of performances and talks by artists, architects and citizens at large that will bring new ways to understand, perceive and act on the city that surrounds us.

For this daylong event, Storefront invites individuals and collectives to submit proposals for one of the two complementary projects presented as part of the IDEAS CITY 2013: The Spacebuster: On Nothingness, and The Speechbuster: On Somethingness.

On Nothingness allows for noise, confusion and illegibility, to see something where others see nothing. On Somethingness brings people together around subjects and ideas with which we are all familiar in inventive ways, including folklore, technology, recycling, or other resourceful approaches. Read more and submit your ideas here: