Open To The Public

Alex Chinneck applies his Trompe-l'œil technique to another UK building

Image courtesy of Alex Chinneck

British artist Alex Chinneck has seemingly unzipped the facade of a building in Kent, UK – revealing its interiors to passersby.
Unveiled last week, Chinneck and his team employed their Trompe-l'œil techniques to transform the front of a 1960’s office building which was set to be demolished.
The Open to the Public work sees a pair of giant zippers ripping building's walls down the middle, in tribute to its history as a leather workshop.
'The artwork creates the illusion that the walls of a 1960s office building have been unzipped to reveal its interior. In doing so, Chinneck elevates the everyday structure to the status of an artwork, bending its walls and windows as if by magic'
Open to the Public is now on display throughout August at Brundett House, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent.
Alex Chinneck is a graduate of Chelsea College of Art, and describes his practice as 'uniting the disciplines of art, architecture, theatre and engineering'.
Over the past five years, the artist has completed a succession of major street sculptures including sliding the brick facade off a three-storey property in Margate; constructing a full-size melting house from 7,500 wax bricks in London Bridge; creating the illusion that a stone building on London’s Covent Garden Piazza was floating in mid-air; and inverting a 37-metre electricity pylon to stand on its tip.