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Artefact 2019: Parallel Crossings

Artefact Leuven invites you to create your own path throughout, by visiting the exhibition, an evening in the Sound programme, a lecture, performance or film screening.

Artefact 2019: Parallel Crossings - DAMN° Magazine

Surrogate. A love Ideal

Fondazione Prada presents a photography exhibition that explores the emotional bond between a human and a synthetic surrogate.

Surrogate. A love Ideal - DAMN° Magazine

As movable as butterflies. The chōchin of Japan

The madd-bordeaux is dedicating an exhibition to the chōchin – lanterns, composed of a bamboo structure covered by paper.

As movable as butterflies. The chōchin of Japan - DAMN° Magazine

Home Futures

An exhibition by the Design Museum in London in partnership with IKEA Museum Almhult

Home Futures - DAMN° Magazine

KIKK Festival 2018

The 8th edition of KIKK Festival in Namur, Belgium, will dive into the theme Species and Beyond

KIKK Festival 2018 - DAMN° Magazine

Fibre-Fixed. Composites in Design

The exhibition at Design Museum Gent shows how combining (bio)plastic with fibres yields materials we have never seen before

Fibre-Fixed. Composites in Design - DAMN° Magazine