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Papanek Symposium 2019

A symposium that investigates design’s inherent tensions in the context of rising global far-right populism and the asphyxiating manipulation of information.

Papanek Symposium 2019 - DAMN° Magazine

Paris Design Week 2019

Just like every September, Paris Design Week marks the start of a new year for international designers.

Paris Design Week 2019 - DAMN° Magazine

Vienna Design Week 2019

Austria’s biggest and most international design festival addresses essential and topical issues relating to design.

Vienna Design Week 2019 - DAMN° Magazine

Feria Hábitat Valencia 2019

Serving as a link between Ibero-America and Europe

Feria Hábitat Valencia 2019 - DAMN° Magazine

Brussels Gallery Weekend 2019

Highlighting diversity in the local art scene

Brussels Gallery Weekend 2019 - DAMN° Magazine

Mike Meiré – NORTH-WEST

North America, as a place of contradictions: reality and idealism, departure and exclusion, progress and fatality.

Mike Meiré – NORTH-WEST - DAMN° Magazine

AI: More than Human

An exhibition that invites us to explore our relationship with artificial intelligence

AI: More than Human - DAMN° Magazine

Better Nature

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg investigates the relationship between nature and the man-made, exploring how this interconnection changes through advances in design and technology

Better Nature - DAMN° Magazine

In The Hands Of Puppets

Artists duo Sarah & Charles in Be-Part Waregem

In The Hands Of Puppets - DAMN° Magazine

Mirror of the Universe

Lenore Tawney's post-war fibre art on display at JMKAC

Mirror of the Universe - DAMN° Magazine